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Do you charge reading fees?  



Do you require an agency agreement?

If we work together, I have a standard literary contract that we will need to sign.  This agreement does not take away your rights as an author. It outlines the terms and conditions under which I will operate as your representative. 


What am I looking for?

I’m interested in reading elegantly written upmarket fiction, women’s fiction or literary novels with big, memorable characters, historical backdrops or international locations. Strong female voices are appreciated with plots that move and are stylish. Nonfiction, I love narrative books or memoirs about the music, film and art worlds with fast paced reportage and topics that show our current cultural climate or historical trends. I like memoirs that touch on identity and cultural challenges. Children’s books should include vibrant illustrations, but I’m willing to consider text only if the story is good. Self-help, history, pop culture, art and design, food/wellness, travel, and biography are all of interest as long as they offer fresh perspectives and original content using clear prose. Nonfiction author’s should have a media platform in their area of expertise. 

Why do I need an agent?

Many publishers will not take manuscript submissions without an agent.  They want to know that the work has been vetted and is high quality. Having representation suggests that. Agents can also be helpful negotiating an author's contract with a publisher. I have access and contacts to publishers in both large publishing houses as well as small, independent publishers. You need an agent for your voice and talent to be seen and your book to be kept out of the slush pile. 


How much contact do you have with your writers? 

I walk my writers through the entire process and am in contact with them every step of the way.  I share with you the publishers queried as well as constructive responses I receive when the manuscript is submitted. The client is free at any time to contact me and we can discuss potential writing and marketing strategies, as well as ideas for future projects.

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