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I am inspired by talented authors with fresh perspectives.  I know how hard it is to write a book. I will work as hard placing it with the right publisher, as you did writing it.


I am a literary agent based in Los Angeles representing authors in the genres of upmarket fiction, nonfiction, children’s, self-help, history, pop culture, art and design, wellness, travel, biography and memoir. I grew up in New York City with literary agents on both sides of my family and always knew I wanted to work with writers to develop their ideas and connect them with publishers. I started my publishing career working for Rizzoli International Publications editing books on cultural icons like Frank Lloyd Wright and Andy Warhol and working alongside scholars, art personalities and noted authors. I have degrees in art history, interior design and nutritional health and I attended Barnard College, Fashion Institute of Technology and Bauman College. Previously I worked with More Zap Productions and Management consulting on their literary properties. My taste in books is wide and varied and I am interested in reading any material as long as it is well written with a fresh take. 

How I Work

How I Work

The publishing industry can be intimidating and confounding. I enjoy fostering relationships with my authors and guiding them through the publishing process. As your agent I will work collaboratively with you to publish and craft your final draft so that it is the best representation of your vision. The publishing industry can be cyclical and based on trends. We will work together to position your book so it is seen by publishers as relevant and important. I am passionate about ensuring your voice is heard and I will use my contacts and knowledge of the business to find a great home for your work. 

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